John O.

The staff is very professional and encouraging. They took great care of me and kept me motivated. That motivation is the reason that I was able to get stronger and return to my home. I am glad that I came to Allegra Nursing & Rehab for my recovery.

Janice S.

Therapy was great and they helped me get stronger so I can do things by myself again. The nursing staff took great care of me and they were very kind. I also enjoyed the meals during my stay. I am glad that I chose Allegra for my recovery.

Jeffery H.

Therapy worked with my condition and showed me how to properly move my legs so I can walk again. The doctor and the staff took really good care of me and helped me to recover so I was able to go home. I really enjoyed the various music programs and activities that were available daily. […]

William H.

I really enjoyed my stay at Allegra Nursing & Rehab. The nursing staff took really good care of me. Therapy kept me motivated and helped me reach my goal of returning home. The music programs were very enjoyable. I really appreciated that my dogs could come in and visit with me. That helped a lot […]

Herbert F.

I have enjoyed my stay at Allegra Nursing & Rehab. The staff is terrific and they take an interest in their patients which really helps with recovery. Therapy staff is very good and they helped me to regain my mobility so I was able to go home. If anyone would ask me I would recommend […]

Christopher R.

The nursing staff was great and they took good care of me. When I pressed my call light it was answered quickly. The therapy staff was easy to get along with and they let me give them a hard time! I had a very pleasant experience and a good recovery at Allegra Nursing & Rehab.

Gregory M.

This was my second time going for rehab at Allegra. The staff is amazing! They are very respectful, kind, and caring. Therapy was good and they worked around my physical limitations and got me strong so I was able to go home. I enjoyed the activities at the facility and I want to come back […]

Ronald F.

I came from the hospital with pneumonia and I needed to get my strength back. I chose to come to Allegra for my rehabilitation needs. All of the staff was very supportive and helpful. The moral support they gave me was outstanding! The rehab I received was very beneficial and the nursing staff is at […]

Wesley D.

Everyone at Allegra Nursing & Rehab was very attentive and encouraging. Some of the staff was tough when they needed to be. The staff remained professional while at the same time going above and beyond to give me individual special touches. The office personnel are good at explaining things and working toward setting up what […]